MIZUSHIMA, JAPAN - Mitsubishi Motors Corp. announced production of its i-MiEV electric vehicle reached the 5,000-unit mark on Nov. 23 at the automaker's Mizushima Plant in Japan. 

The i-MiEV electric car will be introduced into the U.S. market in 2011.

Mitsubishi began mass production of the i-MiEV in June of 2009. In July of that year, the automaker introduced the i-MiEV to the Japanese market. As of the end of October 2010, sales have totaled about 3,000 units in Japan. 

Mitsubishi also started left-hand drive European-spec i-MiEV production in October 2010 and is steadily proceeding with global rollout of EVs. 

Also, in fiscal year 2011, Mitsubishi plans to transfer production of the i-MiEV from the current commercial vehicle assembly line to the minicar assembly line. This will further expand production scale.