SANTA MONICA, CA - Electric car and battery company CODA Automotive is partnering with rental car giant Hertz Corp. to make the CODA all-electric Sedan available at select Southern California Hertz locations.

"The 100-percent electric CODA was designed to meet the needs of most Americans with dependable, all-season range and fast, convenient charging," said Mark Jamieson, COO of CODA Automotive. "With one of the world's largest rental car fleets, Hertz is uniquely positioned to catalyze the adoption of all-electric vehicles and infrastructure supporting electric mobility."

"Hertz is committed to the widespread use of electric vehicles globally and we are laying the foundation to make electric vehicle mobility a reality today," said Mark P. Frissora, chairman and CEO of the Hertz Corp. "The CODA Sedan represents an outstanding zero-emissions solution, one that will appeal to the needs of our consumers from urban dwellers, travelers and corporations."

Hertz operates the world's largest fleet of general-use airport rental cars, with access to many different groups of consumers at over 8,300 locations. This access gives Hertz the opportunity to introduce the all-electric CODA to a broad group of potential consumers.

Hertz plans to roll out its EV rental program with full-scale deployment in the United States and abroad beginning in 2011.

The CODA, available in 2011, is designed to meet the day-to-day needs of most Americans, featuring space for five passengers, a full-size trunk and 90 to 120 miles of range.