HARRISBURG, PA - Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell announced $7.9 million in grants to help fund 21 alternative-fuel projects. The investment is through the state's Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant Program. 

The 21 alternative-fuel projects are expected to create 221 jobs and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 14.5 million pounds. The grants will be matched by another $22.1 million in private funds for a total economic impact of $30 million. 

Chester County-based Momentum Dynamics will receive a nearly $587,000 grant to develop a technology in Berks County that will recharge EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles wirelessly. The project is expected to create 18 jobs and cut CO2 emissions by 297,000 pounds annually. 

International Battery Inc., based in the Lehigh Valley, will use a $235,000 grant to demonstrate the long-term performance and manufacturing viability of an advanced lithium battery pack suitable for hybrid electric and electric buses and commercial trucks. The company's green manufacturing process is solvent-free and free of volatile organic compounds. 

The city of Philadelphia's Mayor's Office of Sustainability will receive $140,000 for its $500,000 project that will add 10 charging stations and 18 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to existing local car-sharing operations, exposing more people to the benefits of these technologies. The project is expected to create 12 jobs and cut CO2 emissions by 61,000 pounds per year. 

"These are exciting projects because they pave the way for consumers to adopt new environmentally friendly and money-saving technologies," said Rendell. "As more auto manufacturers introduce electric vehicles, these should be viewed as legitimate technologies."