FREMONT, CA - Electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors on Oct. 27 unveiled its factory where the company will build the Model S and future vehicles.

The former NUMMI factory closed in April 2010. Tesla purchased the factory in May. The Tesla Factory, the only auto assembly plant in California, is dedicated exclusively to the mass production of electric vehicles.

"This is a momentous day in Tesla history, turning our advanced electric vehicle technology into a mass-manufacturing reality," said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. "Model S is blazing a new trail for the industry and it will all happen right here -- the Tesla Factory gives us plenty of room to grow."

The Model S will to be a pure-electric sedan, designed from the ground up to take advantage of the electric vehicle architecture. With an optional extended-range battery pack, the Model S will travel over 300 miles per charge, the company said.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Tesla has delivered more than 1,300 Roadsters to customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Tesla designs and manufactures EVs and EV powertrain components.

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