WASHINGTON - Clean Cities is working with the Na­tional Park Service to accelerate the deployment of alternative fuel and energy-efficient vehicles in national parks across the country. The goal of the partnership is to reduce petro­leum use, improve air quality, curb congestion, and educate visitors about alternative fuels and advanced vehicles, according to Clean Cities Now.

Clean Cities is providing technical, financial, and project implementation support to initiate projects at Grand Teton, Mammoth Cave, and Yellow­stone National Parks. The projects include:

  • Replacing interpretative and ranger vehicles with hybrids in Grand Teton.
  • Adding five new dedicated propane school buses, five electric utility vehi­cles, one dedicated propane pickup, and one bi-fuel propane pickup to the a Mammoth Cave fleet.
  • Adding two hybrid electric/flexible-fuel shuttle buses and a solar-powered electric utility vehicle to a Yellowstone fleet.