VISTA, CA - The Automotive Training Authority (ATA) is offering free "green" aftermarket training courses on servicing and diagnosing hybrid vehicles, understanding biodiesel/clean diesel technology, and cylinder safety inspection for CNG vehicles. The courses, geared toward automotive repair shop owners, technicians, and fleet maintenance managers, are made possible through a Federal alternative fuel training grant.

"The Federal grant program allows ATA to offer training at no cost to automotive service professionals with the goal of preparing them to work on alternative fuel vehicles, now and in the future," said Lindsey. "Our hybrid courses provide a clear understanding of hybrids and how to perform advanced hybrid diagnostics to fully service these vehicles. While the biodiesel workshop covers the production of biodiesel and clean diesel/common rail technology, and our CNG courses focus on safety, conversion, inspection and maintenance."

Course topics are: Understanding Hybrid Service and Technology, ATA's Advanced Toyota Hybrid Diagnostics, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Biodiesel/Clean Diesel Technology. For details on scheduling this training in your community, call Haru Lindsey at (800) 575-4282, ext. 223 or email