NOTRE DAME, IN - The University of Notre Dame will be provided with charging stations from Eaton Corporation to demonstrate the capabilities of utilizing electric vehicles (EV) in the university's fleet, according to a release from Eaton.

Eaton provided a display of electric vehicle charging stations that will be installed on campus for use in the coming months. Eaton and Mitsubishi Motor Company, Inc. also showcased the iMiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) electric test vehicles, one of which the University will use in various roles in the coming months. The larger campus and alumni community had a chance to see and learn more about electric vehicles, the developing EV infrastructure, and Notre Dame's commitment to sustainability.

Through the collaboration, Eaton will install and commission with Notre Dame Pow-R-Station Level 2 electric vehicle and DC quick chargers. Campus staff, faculty, and students will have access to the chargers during the demonstration test period. The charging stations, as well as an iMiEV, will be used for demonstrations on the university campus.

The charging stations will be installed and maintained by the University's Utilities Department in strategic locations on campus.

In addition to the partnership with Eaton, the University launched a partnership with the car-sharing service, Zipcar, this fall.