PRINCETON, NJ - For corporate fleets, the most popular method used in the last year to "green" fleet operations was the use of a mix of hybrid and other fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as a switch to 4-cylinder vehicles, according to the results of a recent industry survey.

Roughly 200 corporate and public sector fleet managers throughout North America were polled by NAFA Fleet Management Association over a period of two weeks in July. The survey found the number of corporate fleets with sustainability initiatives soared from 64.5 percent to 76.6 percent within the past 12 months.

Using a mix of hybrid and other fuel-efficient vehicles was found to be 59.2 percent among corporate fleets. Close behind was a change to 4-cylinder vehicles (55.1 percent). There were also strong showings for the use of alternative fuel vehicles (36.7 percent) and the use of only fuel-efficient vehicles (30.6 percent). In addition, roughly 10 percent of corporate fleets reported the purchase of carbon offsets to become carbon neutral.

While 91 percent of the corporate fleets who use alternative-fuel vehicles report the use of E-85, no other alternative fuel topped the 10-percent mark. Corporate fleets are mostly interested in procuring light-duty hybrids (63.8 percent) and E-85 (53.2 percent) in the upcoming year; the numbers for CNG, biodiesel, heavy-duty hybrids, and plug-in hybrids are all less than 11 percent, although close to 20 percent are interested in battery electrics.

The survey was created by NAFA's FleetED Advisory Council.