ECOtality Inc., a provider of electric charging and transportation technologies, introduced Wednesday the newest addition to the Blink Network product line of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, the Blink DC Fast Charger.

The DC Fast Charger delivers the fastest EV charging rate currently available and is capable of providing a full charge in less than 30 minutes. With plans to install more than 155 charging stations, the DC Fast Charger will play a key role in electrifying major transportation corridors within The EV Project.

"The Blink DC Fast Charger breaks the conventional theories behind EV charging by providing drivers the option to charge at common commercial locations in under a half hour," said Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality. "The EV infrastructure that we are creating through the Blink Network will allow EV owners to drive anywhere, without limitations. DC Fast charging is integral to this initiative, as it allows drivers to fully charge in an efficient manner, or 'top-off' as needed, without time constraints."

Charge Safely and Intelligently

The Blink DC Fast Charger is outfitted with two CHAdeMO compliant electric vehicle charging connectors, which are used on fast-charge-capable electric vehicles worldwide. The connectors prevent accidental disconnection, and include intuitive connector docking for protection and storage. Safe in wet or dry use, the cables and connectors can withstand being driven over by a vehicle.

Utilizing ECOtality's patented sequential charging technique, the Blink DC Fast Charger's dual port design allows two cars to plug in at the same time. When one EV completes charging, or finishes a programmed charge, charging will automatically begin on the other.

An internal meter is included to support energy usage data evaluation, AMI Interface and Smart Meter capability allows for demand response and energy management. The DC Fast Charger is also capable of handling multiple input current settings to conveniently accommodate electric service capabilities.

The Blink DC Fast Charger's two color touch-screen interfaces provide information on charge status, statistics and cost, convenient payment options and billing information, and connects to the Blink Network Web portal for further information delivery. The built-in programmable start/stop timing functions as well as the capability for reservation systems allow for increased time-savings.

Through the Blink Network Smartphone Application users are able to locate charging stations and receive directions via GPS navigation. Users are also able to check on charge status remotely and receive completion or interruption of charge notifications that are sent to the phone.

Maximizing Business Potential

Businesses will be able to take advantage of advertising opportunities available through the Blink Network. Each Fast Charger is outfitted with a 42" LCD display, and Blink Network media content can be both tailored to specific markets and broadcast nationally across Blink Network charger locations. Additionally, the chargers offer retailers the ability to develop coordinated campaigns to display relevant content and promotions, extending the consumer experience.

The exterior treatments and graphics are customizable and allow commercial hosts to rebrand according to their specifications.

ECOtality will begin to deploy Blink DC Fast Chargers through partners of The EV Project at commercial locations as early as March 2011.

As project manager for The EV Project, ECOtality is supervising the construction of the largest deployment of EV infrastructure to date. The $230 million public-private initiative is funded with a $114.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The EV Project includes 16 cities and major metropolitan areas in six states, and will result in the installation of approximately 15,000 charging stations in 2011.

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