INDIANAPOLIS - As part of the state's alternative fuel vehicle conversion project, Indiana Department of Transportation is installing 115 propane autogas fueling stations. The $3.2 million contract was awarded to Alliance AutoGas. The fueling station network will provide Indiana's public and private fleet vehicles with easily accessible autogas fueling and help the state eliminate the logistical challenges of transitioning to clean alternative fuels, according to a release from Alliance Autogas.

Alliance AutoGas will facilitate the development and installation of the expansive statewide infrastructure, as well as provide autogas dispensing and fueling equipment. Once the fueling network is complete, an autogas fueling station will be within 30 miles of virtually any locale in the state.

State Department of Energy officials estimated $700,000 to $1 million annual savings in fuel costs and less maintenance, reported the Indy Star. It also reported that fuel sites will be at state facilities and probably restricted to state vehicles.

Indiana is also converting 227 Ford vans and trucks to run on AutoGas.

The propane autogas fueling stations and conversions are part of a $22.8 million Alternative Fuel Vehicle project that includes the conversion of some 900 vehicles as well as infrastructure improvements, according to a release from the Indiana's Office of Energy Development.

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