DAVIS, CA - University of California, Davis Fleet Services has begun a pilot project to test the use of biodiesel in passenger sedans. The first two demonstration vehicles, 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI sedans, were delivered recently and have been placed into Fleet Services short-term Motor Pool for shared use by all eligible campus drivers, according to the university.

The new biodiesel sedans are virtually undistinguishable in appearance or performance from a standard gasoline or hybrid sedan, and boast fuel economy ratings in the 40 mpg range. 

"When discussing biodiesel, most folks think in terms of large diesel trucks," said Richard Battersby, director of fleet services. "We wanted to raise the visibility and expand the scope and scale of biodiesel use here at UC Davis, and the Jetta TDI Biodiesel passenger sedans represent an excellent opportunity to accomplish both goals."

Last year, UC Davis dispensed over 55,000 gallons of B-20 biodiesel for use in approximately 100 campus vehicles, primarily trucks.