NEW YORK - A Toyota Motor Co. representative confirmed this week that the automaker plans to introduce six all-new hybrid vehicles worldwide by 2012, reported. 

Toyota spokesman John Hanson confirmed that these gasoline-electric hybrid models will be completely new -- not updated versions of current models such as the Prius. However, he declined to reveal how many of those six hybrid models will be sold in the U.S. 

The New York Times reported that four of the upcoming hybrid models will be under the Toyota brand, and two will be under the Lexus brand. Toyota also plans to introduce a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle in limited quantities by 2015.

In addition, reported, Toyota is working on two plug-in hybrid electric cars, which are expected to hit the market in 2012. One will be a tiny commuter car with about a 50-mile range on a single charge. The other will be an electric version of the Toyota RAV4 SUV, which Toyota is developing in partnership with EV maker Tesla Motors. Toyota also plans to start selling a plug-in hybrid version of the Prius in 2012. 

The electric RAV4 will be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.