LONDON - Securitas Mobile has deployed a new system, GreenRoad 360+, across its new fleet of 207 vehicles to better manage fleet assets, reduce accidents, and gain greater fuel efficiency. 

Marsh, an insurance broker and risk adviser, teamed with GreenRoad to offer GreenRoad's services to its brokerage clients in the UK and North America. Marsh introduced GreenRoad to Securitas to reduce its accident claims rate and reduce insurance premiums.

The Securitas Mobile team provides security solutions across the UK including keyholding, alarm response, mobile patrols, and locking/unlocking of premises. With the new integrated fleet management and driver behavior solution, Securitas now has an easy-to-use service that positively impacts driver behaviour and fuel economy, while providing the tools and analysis to enhance fleet management and client service, according to the company.

"Our drivers work overnight shifts, so their welfare is our first priority. We recognized there was an opportunity to significantly reduce the number of accidents and Marsh suggested GreenRoad's service as an easy, cost-effective way to reduce incidents," said Aneen Brynard, Quality & Compliance manager at Securitas Mobile. "Our drivers represent the public face of the Securitas brand and professional, safe driving is an important part of this image."

In addition to analysis about driving maneuvers and patterns, Securitas branch managers can now access detailed fleet management information with details of vehicle status and routes, geofences and landmarks, real-time alerts, and excess idling.

GreenRoad 360+ is an integrated solution that addresses mobile resource management (MRM), safety, and driving behavior. It uses GPS technology to give fleet managers visibility into their assets and provide an immediate online snapshot of critical vehicle information. The driver behavior service continuously rates driving skills to provide drivers with real-time feedback about those manoeuvres that most affect safe driving, fuel efficiency, and emissions. An in-vehicle LED display enables drivers to identify and correct risky and inefficient driving maneuvers as they happen. 

Securitas provides 24-hour Mobile Security with the largest mobile vehicle fleet in the UK. Security services include keyholding alarm response, external/internal building patrols and inspections, and lone worker protection.