ANAHEIM, CA - The City of Anaheim has installed its first ChargePoint Networked Charging Station for Electric Vehicles, located at the main office of Anaheim Public Utilities. The city is currently using the Coulomb Technologies unit to recharge two city-owned converted plug-in Toyota Prius'. In addition to the City-owned fleet, the ChargePoint station is available for public use, according to a release issued by Coulomb Technologies.

"The City of Anaheim, like many U.S. locations, had legacy non-networked charging stations installed in the 1990's," said Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies. "These existing stations are throughout the city in employee parking lots, police department, train stations, and their fleet yard, and the City has a plan to replace these old stations with new networked charging stations."

"The City of Anaheim has a long history of promoting sustainable practices for our operations, employees, and residents," said a spokesperson for Anaheim Public Utilities. "For example, we have committed that 90 percent of our light and medium duty fleet will be alt fuel or electric drive based by the year 2020. Installing this Coulomb ChargePoint networked charging station is part of our plan for promoting the use of greener vehicles in our fleets, among our utility customers, and within our city."

Coulomb's distributor Clean Fuel Connection will provide maintenance of the charging station.