PALM SPRINGS, CA - The City of Palm Springs announced on July 21 its Office of Sustainability has received a $60,000 grant from the Coachella Valley Air Quality Enhancement Grant Program for a new Electric Vehicle Pilot Program, according to a release issued by the city.

The program funds will pay for an electric vehicle at City Hall, plug-in charging stations at City facilities throughout Palm Springs, as well as educational materials and outreach to get residents informed about plug-in electric vehicle readiness.

"This project will serve to promote Electric Vehicles, provide a showcase vehicle at City Hall to use for educational purposes, and most importantly help inform our residents about their role in reducing emissions and improving air quality," said Sustainability Manager Michele Mician.

Last October, the City of Palm Springs signed a Plug in Partners Resolution and held its first Electric Car Rally at City Hall with dozens of vehicles on display and over 100 residents in attendance.

In addition, the City Council was expected to approve a Clean Cars Resolution at its last meeting as well as a new greenhouse gas emission inventory for the City of Palm Springs.

"With the implementation of this new Electric Vehicle Pilot Program and the City's commitment to the Clean Cars Resolution and a much needed new greenhouse gas emission inventory, I am confident that Palm Springs is becoming one of the most sustainable communities in the country," said Mayor Steve Pougnet.