CHATSWORTH, CA - Capstone Turbine Corp., a maker of microturbine energy systems, said it is introducing a full line of hybrid electric drive solutions and has entered into a supply agreement with CalMotors.

CalMotors develops fully integrated hybrid and electric powertrains. The company has designed several advanced-technology vehicles for military, commercial, and consumer applications. 

Capstone Turbine Corp. will provide CalMotors with mobile hardened components to serve the growing hybrid electric drive market. Under the supply agreement, CalMotors will provide inverter drives and traction motors to create a complete Capstone Drive Solutions system, including vehicle power control. The inverters and traction motors are mobile hardened versions of the successful Parker Hannifin industrial motor drive products. 

"This relationship with CalMotors provides Capstone with the products and application expertise to increase our presence in the expanding series hybrid electric drive market," said Darren Jamison, Capstone president and CEO. "Capstone has had good success in the hybrid transit bus market with its clean 30kW and 65kW microturbines used as low-emission electric vehicle range extenders. The addition of these drive components will allow Capstone to further penetrate the HEV market segments, including commercial truck and marine applications." 

The supply agreement with CalMotors covers a range of traction motor sizes, from 70kW to more than 300kW. This covers applications from small- to mid-size automobiles up to Class 8 tractor trailer trucks. CalMotors will also provide application assistance to integrate the Capstone Drive Solution components into new and retrofit vehicles. 

CalMotors has a wide range of experience with the Parker motor drive systems, and has redesigned the Parker products to address the vibration, temperature and use characteristics of demanding mobile applications. 

"Capstone is currently working with CalMotors on three new vehicle applications," said Jim Crouse, executive vice president of sales and marketing. "These include Class 4 commercial trucks and Class 8 tractors for new OEM applications as well as retrofit to existing vehicles." 

"CalMotors is pleased to partner with Capstone to expand applications for our mobile hardened drive components," added Mike Kasaba, president of CalMotors. "We have invested in the control technology to adapt Parker Hannifin's industrial products into hybrid electric vehicles, and this new partnership is expected to generate opportunities we could not have pursued on our own. Customers are looking for a complete integrated solution that includes a clean range extender, traction drive system, and overall vehicle control, and this agreement with Capstone provides that."