DALLAS - The Green Automotive Co., an import distributor of electric cars and SUVs throughout North America, said it has signed a dealer agreement with EvCarco (EVCA) for the sale of the all-electric Zotye SUV. 

The Zotye SUV will be brought into North America under an import agreement with Zotye Global in the next 12 months, Green Automotive Co. said. 

Under the dealer agreement between EvCarco and Green Automotive Co., EvCarco will distribute the all-electric SUV to a national network of existing auto dealerships in California, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida. EvCarco has developed a six-state auto dealer network with plans to expand into most states by 2012. 

"This is the beginning of a great relationship with a company who, like us, believe that there is a tremendous opportunity today for those who hear the mandate for eco-friendly electric vehicles," said Steven Fly, CEO of Green Automotive Co. 

Last month, Green Automotive Co. also finalized an exclusive agreement with GoSmart Technologies Inc., makers of fast-charging plug-in vehicle charging stations. 

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