ENTERPRISE, AL - After a year of preparations, the City of Enterprise successfully made its first batch of biodiesel fuel - 275 gallons worth, according to The Southeast Sun.

City officials began a little more than a year ago making preparations to create biodiesel, a mix of used vegetable cooking oil and diesel.

In 2009, Enterprise received a $300,000 grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and the Alabama Research Alliance Trust Fund to convert the city's former recycling center into a biodiesel conversion center and begin making the fuel.

Once regular production begins, biodiesel fuel will be utilized in some of the city fleet. Boswell said he expects a 20- to 30-percent reduction in fuel costs for the city, reported the Sun.

The average cost for biodiesel fuel is $1 a gallon, he said.

Biodiesel production is also helping the City utilize waste that was otherwise creating clogs in the sewer or being taken to the landfill.

Enterprise officials have partnered with area restaurants to collect large sources of used cooking oil to convert into clean-burning biodiesel.

Boswell hopes distribution points will soon be installed throughout the city so residents will be able to participate in making clean fuel for the city by donating their used cooking grease, according to the Sun.