OGDEN, UTAH - Edge Products, a developer of performance aftermarket electronics for diesel, gas and alternative fuel vehicles, is working with Go Natural CNG to create a range of products for dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) and bi-fuel powered engines, NGV Global News reported. 

The companies recently signed a joint development agreement. 

Go Natural CNG specializes in creating and distributing EPA- and California Air Resources Board (CARB)-certified CNG conversion kits and CNG hydraulic compressors for fueling stations. The two companies, both based in Utah, will work together to create vehicle programming, electronics, sensors, monitors and controls for CNG vehicles and bi-fuel (CNG and gasoline) powered engines. Go Natural will be the exclusive distributor of the products resulting from the collaboration. 

The two companies are already at work developing a dash-mounted programmer with a 4.3-inch color touch screen. The companies estimate that the programmer kits may be available before the end of this year, NGV Global News reported. The interactive screen display will provide real-time monitoring of vital engine information. The programmer will also function as a control unit that allows bi-fuel applications to be switched between gasoline and CNG using a touch screen. Drivers will be able to display up to eight engine data parameters at any given time, including rpm, mph, fuel temperature, CNG fuel level, water temperature and exhaust gas temperature. 

Tim Hunt, CEO of Go Natural CNG, said the kits will include accurate and easy-to-read CNG fuel gauges as well.