MINNEAPOLIS - Mansfield Oil Co. announced that its ethanol division, C&N Companies, has added East Fork Biodiesel to the enterprise's portfolio of biodiesel marketing partnerships. 

East Fork addresses the most difficult challenge facing biodiesel producers -- access to affordable feedstocks with favorable logistics costs. East Fork Biodiesel said it will take advantage of its location in the ethanol belt, across Iowa and the Midwest, to provide producers a reliable outlet for their corn oil co-product production. 

"East Fork will have ready access to our major rail logistics hubs in Iowa and provide a reliable supply of biodiesel for our customer base of obligated parties who need to meet new biodiesel requirements under RFS2," said Jon Bjornstad, president of C&N. 

"We are very pleased to have selected C&N," said Chris Daniel, general manager for East Fork. "Their transparent approach gives us the ability to manage and forecast our costs and margins, and their access to a nationwide market of refiners and blenders in every region of the country gives us great confidence in their ability to secure us the best customers for our product today." 

East Fork Biodiesel is based in Algona, Iowa. The company's plant can produce 60 million gallons of biodiesel annually.