ASHEVILLE, NC - Altech-Eco Corporation of Asheville, N.C., recently announced it obtained an approval from the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the first Year-2010 Ford Focus ever to receive a $4,000 Federal Income Tax Credit designation, according to the company.

"The EPA has already issued a Certificate of Conformity for this 'dedicated' (all natural gas) vehicle, and now the IRS has approved a $4,000 Federal Tax Credit to be immediately available to any purchasers of this exciting alternative energy vehicle," said Miles George, vice president of TransEco Energy, the parent of Altech-Eco Corporation, who received the approval notice.

"To date, no company in the world has ever received a $4,000 Federal Tax Credit designation from the IRS for an all natural gas passenger vehicle except for one Honda model," stated George in the release.

The 2010 Ford Focus natural gas vehicle is converted from gasoline to all natural gas operation by Altech-Eco Corporation, an EPA-Designated Small Vehicle Manufacturer (SVM). The company is not yet a publicly traded company. The vehicle can be purchased directly through participating Ford dealerships, or through Altech-Eco and selected vendors.

Altech-Eco has already received the EPA certification for its 2010 Ford Focus bi-fueled (gasoline and natural gas) conversion, and its 2010 Ford Transit Connect bi-fueled and dedicated conversion.