HANNOVER, GERMANY - Coulomb Technologies, a leader in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, demonstrated the features and capabilities of its ChargePoint Network application services for utilities and drivers of electric vehicles at the CeBIT 2010 show in Hannover, Germany. 

Coulomb Technologies teamed with SAP AG for one of SAP's seven "Experience SAP" exhibits. CeBIT visitors saw a demonstration of the following scenarios:

  • An EV driver reserving a charging station, plugging in and charging a BMW MINI E
  • A utility providing billing integration to the driver and inter-utility roaming.

The demonstration was powered by Coulomb's ChargePoint Network Software, and run by 365 Energy, Coulomb's European distribution partner. The exhibit runs through March 6. 

Coulomb's ChargePoint Network billing record application integrates with utilities' existing enterprise software billing systems. No additional software is necessary for managing charging stations and EV billing. In Europe where more than 80 percent of Coulomb's customers are utilities, roaming will be essential for managed billing. 

In European cities Amsterdam and Bochum, for example, a ChargePoint Network-based roaming system allows EV drivers to use common customer identification cards issued by the municipalities. Drivers receive an integrated invoice at the end of each billing period. 

In North America, for example, this integration will provide a single line item on a utility bill for EV charging. Utilities can now have the kilowatt-hour cost of EV charging displayed on a bill and on the charging station itself to let the driver easily know the cost of the charging session. 

"We are proud to participate with SAP in showcasing our charging system, software and networking capabilities at the CeBIT show," said Richard Lowenthal CEO of Coulomb Technologies. "For 14 months our networked charging stations have been installed worldwide by municipalities, utilities and corporations. This demonstration is not only a proof of concept but a proof of reality, and what is currently being done to easily and seamlessly manage EV charging station billing and roaming by utilities."