BOCA RATON, FL - Protec Fuel Management, which offers retailers a turnkey option in ethanol infrastructure, said it has received Department of Energy funding to open 30 E85 stations throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama. 

Protec has teamed with General Motors, the Renewable Fuels Association and Urbieta Oil to open the alternative fuel stations. A total of 18 stations will be installed in Florida, 10 in Georgia and two in Alabama.

Eight E85 stations in Florida have already been opened using this funding. 

"We're pleased to work with Protec to increase E85 pumps across the country," said Mary Beth Stanek, director of environment and energy policy and commercialization for General Motors. "GM has over 4 million flex-fuel vehicles in the U.S., and Florida is one of the most populated flex-fuel vehicle markets. Today, Florida has hundreds of thousands of GM flex-fuel vehicle drivers supporting the rapid expansion of E85 infrastructure."