ASHEVILLE, NC - Altech-Eco Corp. in North Carolina said its dedicated 2010 Ford Transit Connect compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion system has drawn a certificate of conformity from the EPA. 

The vehicle runs entirely on 100-percent natural gas and never needs gasoline. This is the only EPA-certified 2010 CNG system for the 2010 Transit Connect worldwide, Altech-Eco Corp. said. Households or companies can now immediately receive a $4,000 federal income tax credit by purchasing this natural gas-powered Ford Transit Connect through Altech-Eco or its vendors. 

Altech-Eco's EPA-approved dedicated 2010 CNG Ford Transit Connect conversion system converts the Transit Connect to run exclusively on CNG. A bi-fuel option using both CNG and gasoline is also available for those wishing to run on either fuel; this is also fully EPA-approved. 

The CNG conversion system includes manufacturer-rated CNG cylinders with fuel storage capacity starting at 9.3 GGE (gas gallon equivalent) and an extended option of 14.4 GGEs, a natural gas driving range of 240 to 400 miles, and an average of 31 mpg on the highway and 25 in the city. 

CNG is cheaper as a fuel and has been proven to produce significantly less harmful emissions of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (UHC), carbon monoxide (CO), and sulfur oxides (SOx) when compared to gasoline or diesel fuel.