MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin State Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) wrote a Feb. 19 column in in support of his new bill which would abolish the state's automobile emissions tests and encourage Wisconsin residents to buy next-generation vehicles. covers business news in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Rep. Stone, who represents the state's 82nd Assembly District, writes that the proposed legislation will benefit consumers by exempting them from sales tax incurred for the purchase of hybrid or electric vehicles, and property tax incurred as a result of the installation of charging equipment for these vehicles.  

"While this will have limited impact on a homeowner, this item will remove any disincentives for companies or businesses to install this type of equipment. Under current law, this type of investment by a company for their employees or customers will result in an increased value to the property where the equipment will be installed," writes Rep. Stone. "By creating this exemption prior to the installation of this new type of charging station, there will be no reduction to municipal property tax collections."

In addition to the tax exemptions, Rep. Stone's legislation also calls for the end of the auto emission testing program. "If this program is indeed ended, it will indicate that we have made substantial progress in improving the air quality in the region. As more of these new electric powered vehicles come into use in the region, we will see more and more reductions in the vehicle based emissions," Rep. Stone writes.