SACRAMENTO, CA - Propel Fuels, a renewable fuels retailer, is teaming with CALSTART to hold a special one-day promotion allowing drivers in the Sacramento area to fill up their flex-fuel vehicle with E85 ethanol for just 85 cents a gallon. 

The Feb. 24 promotion is taking place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at five Propel stations in Sacramento, Rocklin, Citrus Heights and Elk Grove. 

CALSTART is a member-supported organization of more than 140 firms, fleets and agencies worldwide dedicated to supporting a growing clean transportation industry. 

"Consumers and fleets see considerable savings at the pump by using E85 and reduce dependence on foreign oil," said Matt Horton, CEO of Propel. "Propel's average E85 price is $.50 per gallon lower than gasoline, so checking your car's flex-fuel compatibility can lead to significant savings at the pump." 

Propel recently announced $20 million in private financing that will allow the company to expand its network of alternative fuel stations to major markets across California. This expansion will support the state's emission-reduction goals and stimulate job growth, the company said.