SEAL BEACH, CA - Taxi Affiliation Services (TAS), which operates Yellow Cab Chicago, has awarded Clean Energy Fuels Corp. a new 10-year contract to build and operate two new CNG fueling stations and sell fuel to the company's growing CNG taxi fleet. 

Yellow Cab Chicago and its affiliates plan an initial deployment of 100 new CNG taxis. 

The new Clean Energy CNG stations will be located on TAS-controlled sites selected for their proximity to downtown Chicago's business, hotel, shopping and financial districts.

In addition to serving Yellow Cab taxis, the stations will be open 24/7 for public access. 

"We are delighted to initiate this fuel supply and operations relationship with Taxi Affiliation Services and Yellow Cab Chicago, clear leaders in promoting the use of natural gas fuel," said James Harger, Clean Energy's chief marketing officer and senior vice president. "We look forward to supporting their first 100 clean, green CNG-powered taxis, and to provide ongoing support as their fleet expands. These key stations begin a larger city network we intend to build." 

Clean Energy partnered with Yellow Cab Chicago to apply for and secure $1.5 million in grant funding from the city of Chicago and the Department of Energy to help defer the costs of station construction and acquiring new CNG taxi vehicles. 

"Our new, growing CNG taxi fleets will provide benefits not only to the drivers and passengers in the form of lower fuel costs and clean, green performance, but to the city of Chicago at large, as greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced," said Michael Levine, CEO of Taxi Affiliation Services. 

Natural gas produces up to 30 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline fuel in light-duty and medium-duty vehicles.