TOLEDO, OH - MedCorp, one of the nation's largest private medical transport providers, is the focus of an upcoming MotorWeek Clean Cities success story.

Looking for a cleaner, "greener" fleet solution, the Toledo, Ohio-based company found a bi-fuel propane conversion option for its vehicles and turned it into a business opportunity. Not only did the company convert its vehicles, it started a new company that installs and markets this bi-fuel product.

The short segment will air on PBS stations nationwide starting Jan. 23 (in the regular weekly MotorWeek timeslot on your local PBS station), and also broadcast on the SPEED Channel on cable and satellite networks beginning Jan. 30.

Check for show times in your area at the MotorWeek and SPEED Channel Web sites.

Previous segments in the series are now available on the Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC) Web site.