SACRAMENTO, CA - The State of California has adopted a used oil recycling program that promotes and develops alternatives to the illegal disposal of used oil under a new law, effective Jan. 1.

The California Oil Recycling Enhancement Act (SB 546) makes a variety of changes to the laws regulating used lubricating oil. It raises the fee paid by lubricating oil manufacturers, while increasing the incentives paid for recycling used oil. The incentives include a two-cent increase per gallon fee for the recycling of used oil.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has set up a Web site detailing the provisions of the California Oil Recycling Enhancement Act.

Used oil is the highest volume of hazardous waste generated in California with approximately 100 million gallons being recycled in-state each year. An estimated 14 million gallons of California used oil gets recycled out-of-state each year. DTSC's used oil program oversees the proper management of used oil through inspections and enforcement of used oil recyclers, transfer facilities and transporters within California.

More information is available at the DTSC Web site.