CAMPBELL, CA --- Coulomb Technologies and Aker Wade Power Technologies announced an agreement to deploy Level III networked fast-charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide.  

The Level III charging stations will be capable of fully charging battery-powered electric vehicles in less than half an hour. The Level III fast-charging stations will be co-developed, distributed, marketed and supported by both companies. 

Aker Wade Power Technologies designs and manufactures advanced fast-charging systems for electric vehicles and industrial forklifts. Coulomb Technologies is also a leader in EV charging station infrastructure, with networked charging stations installed in municipalities and organizations worldwide. 

The Level III charging stations will be designed in accordance with specifications developed by the Tokyo Electric Power Co. and will be qualified for use with several electric vehicle brands, including the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-Miev. 

"Introduction of Level III charging stations broadens our product line so that we now offer Level I, Level II and Level III stations," said Coulomb Technologies CEO Richard Lowenthal. "This announcement is significant because the ChargePoint Network is quickly gaining a foothold in cities, businesses and utilities all over the world due to our advanced networking applications. Combining these capabilities with Aker Wade's proven Level III solutions will accelerate consumer adoption of electric vehicles."  

"Field studies in Tokyo have shown that deploying fast chargers increased vehicle usage by more than 50 percent," explained Aker Wade Power Technologies CEO Bret Aker. "This was with first-generation battery electric vehicles that were yet to be optimized for fast charging. With coming improvements in Li-ion technology, charge times will be reduced to as little as 15 minutes. This is the point where consumers will abandon gasoline for electricity. This is the tipping point for electric vehicles." 

Managed by Coulomb's open architecture ChargePoint Network, the new Level III networked fast-charge stations will have all of the features of Coulomb's Level I and II stations. Those features include an integrated billing system, smart grid integration tools, remote station management, and the ability to find available stations online. 

The convenience of the charging stations is an attractive feature for fleet managers looking for ways to "green" their fleet using EVs. 

"We have more than 1,000 vehicles in our county fleet and we have aggressive targets to make a large percentage of our fleet electric. The ability to use Level III fast charging to quickly and safely charge these vehicles in less than one-tenth of the time it would normally take to charge will further advance our goals of a greener fleet," said Jose Obregon, director of general services for the County of Sonoma in California. "The inclusion of Coulomb's advanced networking features, including the fleet portal, means that we will have the capabilities of the ChargePoint Network and the convenience of fast charging in one device."

Level III fast charging stations will charge an EV in less than one hour. They rely on an off-board charger that converts AC to DC, using a 480-volt, three-phase electric service.