GREENSBURG, PA - The City of Greensburg apparently has no policy for government vehicles taken home by seven employees, but the city's administrator said workers know the vehicles are for business use only, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

"It's been known for years (not to use for personal reasons), and people don't violate that," City Administrator Sue Trout said. "These people are management and don't violate that."

As a way of possibly cutting costs, Councilwoman-elect Kathleen McCormick said city officials should examine the need for some or all of the eight take-home vehicles funded by taxpayers.

Mayor Karl Eisaman said some of the employees with take-home vehicles are assistant fire chiefs, and having the vehicles improves their response time.

He said council will need to consider drafting a policy for city vehicle use if one doesn't exist.

City records reported by the Tribune-Review show that maintenance and repair of the vehicles cost the city $16,283.87 for 2007-08, while the fuel cost was $26,320.64 - a total of $42,604.51.

The eight vehicles - the oldest is a 1996 Chevrolet and the newest a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria - cost $203,432 to buy, according to city figures reported by the Tribune-Review.