FORT WAYNE, IN - The Allen County commissioners approved a plan Dec. 5 to install 20 GPS trackers in some of the county's fleet vehicles, reported The Journal Gazette.

The plan wraps up almost a year-long review by a committee of county employees asked to research what product the county should use and make a recommendation to the commissioners. In February, the commissioners announced they were renewing efforts to test GPS trackers, saying they hoped the trackers could reduce fuel consumption in county fleet vehicles.

Building Commissioner Dave Fuller said buying and installing the 20 trackers will cost less than $10,000. Fuller said the limited number would give the county the chance to test the equipment and determine whether the technology is worth additional purchases. If the equipment saves the county money, the commissioners could order more, he said.

Currently, the county has 76 take-home cars and 204 fleet vehicles not including sheriff's department vehicles, according to the purchasing department. County Commissioner Linda Bloom said the trackers will be used in fleet vehicles, not take-home cars, and will be spread among vehicles used by departments reporting to the commissioners, reported the Gazette.