LOS ANGELES - With four LNG refueling stations already in operation, the City of Los Angeles has commenced construction on its fifth and largest LNG/LCNG station to date, according to Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), the City's alternative-fuel technical consultant for this project.

GNA says the North Central refueling station will be the largest LNG/LCNG refueling station in the world, with four 15,000 gallon LNG fuel storage tanks, six LNG fuel dispensers, two eight gallon per minute LCNG pumps, and two dual-hose CNG fuel dispensers.

The North Central LNG/LCNG refueling station will serve the city's growing fleet of LNG powered refuse collection trucks, as well as a variety of CNG-powered street sweepers and other medium and heavy-duty municipal vehicles.  Already, the City of Los Angeles has replaced approximately one-half of its diesel powered refuse collection trucks with clean burning LNG units, thus making it the largest alternative fuel municipal fleet operator in the nation. The North Central LNG station, along with an additional LNG station to be constructed in the future, will allow the city replace the remainder of its 750 unit Sanitation fleet with LNG trucks.

GNA has worked with the City of Los Angeles since 2001. Since this time, Los Angeles has developed a half dozen natural gas fueling station, including what are now the world's largest LNG/LCNG fueling stations at the City's East Valley, West Valley, and South Los Angeles Sanitation yards. GNA has also just recently assisted the city to open two state-of-the-art CNG refueling stations to serve the City's growing fleet of CNG street sweepers and other municipal vehicles. In addition to these projects, GNA is providing consulting services on the development of an additional five CNG refueling stations, including fast fill, time fill and combination stations throughout Los Angeles.