LOCKPORT, NY - County Manager Gregory Lewis has presented lawmakers with a draft of a new motor vehicle policy document that would change the one currently in place, according to the Niagara-Gazette.

The county's existing motor vehicle use policy was adopted in 1993 and generally forbid the use of county vehicles for private use and conveyance. An amendment approved by the Legislature in 1997 allowed exceptions for the fire coordinator, sheriff, district attorney, the deputy commissioners of public works and the division of highways, bridges and structures and the directors of the county refuse, sewer and water districts. The new policy gives Lewis final approval over department heads' motor vehicle use.

Subject to approval by the full Legislature, the new policy also provides additional guidelines for county employees reporting motor vehicle incidents, accidents or changes to driving privileges, as well as direction for discipline for those who violate the policy.

Lewis has asked members of the Legislature's administration committee to review the policy so it can be discussed at a future meeting, reported the Gazette.