DEARBORN, MI --- The Fusion Hybrid has been honored as one of Car and Driver magazine's "10Best" cars for 2010, just weeks after winning Motor Trend's Car of the Year award. 

"Car and Driver is always looking for those cars that are most engaging to drive, and in our experience the Ford Fusion Hybrid is the first hybrid vehicle that really delivers a fun driving experience," said Eddie Alterman, editor-in-chief of Car and Driver. "We were very impressed with how seamlessly the hybrid powertrain functioned. We were also impressed with Ford SYNC and how seamlessly it worked." 

Alterman stressed the car's fun factor, noting that the judges enjoyed trying to improve the car's mileage using the SmartGauge technology. 

A total of 58 vehicles were in the running for Car and Driver's "10Best" list. All of the contenders were put through a week of rigorous testing and judged based on three criteria: how well they perform their intended mission (i.e. luxury, sport), how engaging and fun they are to drive, and how much value they deliver.