MONTREAL, CANADA --- FleetMind Solutions Inc., which specializes in technology-based fleet management tools, said it has developed a solution to help transportation firms "green" their fleets. 

FleetMind's tools are designed to address the following: 

Improving fuel consumption management -- FleetMind helps reduce the amount of fuel burned by the engine by using alarms to monitor and reduce idling, identify aggressive driving patterns, identify vehicle maintenance problems and collect ECM codes so that engines can be repaired before problems escalate.  

Reducing overall mileage and emissions -- FleetMind's onboard Driver Direction function optimizes each truck's routes to reduce time spent on the road and the number of engine hours per day. Driver Direction also provides a graphical view of route stops to the driver, and automatically re-calculates the route when a driver selects an out-of-sequence manual stop. 

Monitoring and educating drivers -- Driver behavior is fundamental to ensuring high levels of fleet efficiency. FleetMind's real-time monitoring of driver behavior and driving patterns allows fleet managers to influence and educate drivers on more fuel- and emissions-friendly driving approaches. FleetMind's FleetMap lets managers select from a number of layers that determine the level of detail and plot the vehicle's position according to reported events. Using FleetMap, managers can further reconstruct the route taken by a driver on any given day, view alarm criteria such as exceeding specified speed limits, and identify drivers who are deviating from assigned routes or making unscheduled side trips. 

"Green fleets are not only more responsible fleets, but more profitable ones as well," said Martin Demers, CEO of FleetMind. "If your fleet is not managed effectively, you will generate unnecessary emissions and excess costs that negatively impact your bottom line."