HOUSTON --- Positive Energy Resources, a Houston-based provider of renewable energy products, said it has signed a sales and installation agreement with Verdek, a Georgia-based distributor of Coulomb ChargePoint EV charging systems. 

Coulomb specializes in networked charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). 

Positive Energy Resources announced a three-year initial deployment plan that will concentrate its efforts in the greater Houston metro area, primarily in the highly traveled Beltway 8, Inner Loop and Interstate corridors. 

The grid, dubbed the Houston EV Charge Network, will consist of multiple charging stations deployed at highly frequented locales, including Galveston, the Woodlands, Cypress, Katy and Clear Lake. Additional network areas will be developed as well, based on consumer demand. Remote off-grid charge sites are also possible by integrating the use of wind turbines and solar panels, Positive Energy Resources said. 

"We believe that if we are to meet our goals of being less dependent on foreign oil and to more effectively utilize renewable resources for transportation, charging stations like ChargePoint will be commonplace soon," said Nan McReynolds, CEO of Positive Energy Resources. "It is our plan to provide prospective EV buyers some peace of mind in knowing that there will be easy-to-find, low-cost charging solutions available all across the metropolitan Houston area in hopes of helping spur EV sales locally." 

McReynolds added that schools, businesses, apartment communities, high-rise office buildings and lofts, shopping malls, movie theaters and restaurants are all prospective target locations. 

Guy Mannino, president and CEO of Verdek, agreed. 

"It is important that we get traction in this emerging market now in order to gain and maintain the momentum necessary to lead the building of the electric infrastructure for the EV market," Mannino said. "We are able to provide EV owners with a proven charging solution at work or school and at many of the places they might normally frequent and park their vehicles for some time."