MT. VERNON, IL - Jefferson County Sheriff Roger Mulch has proposed the adoption of a gas card for vehicles that travel across state lines during the week to cut costs, according to the Mt. Vernon Register-News.

Officers make trips to St. Louis and Chicago approximately four times a week, Mulch told Jefferson County Board Members on Monday, and fill up the gas tank at the Jefferson County Highway Department when they return. However, he said trips can fluctuate to as many as three times a day, depending on requests from the various agencies the sheriff's department works with. The fleet card would be helpful in cutting costs when buying gasoline en route, he explained.

Mulch is currently considering an Agripride Farm Services (FS) fleet card. Jerry Cook, a representative from Agripride FS, told the board the card would charge a cent and a half per transaction, but would exempt officers from Illinois state motor fuel and sales taxes. He explained a Fleet Card would enable officers to purchase gasoline for transport vehicles while outside the county from several gas stations across the country and would also mean less internal paperwork for the county. Officers currently pay all taxes and use a credit card with an interest rate when purchasing fuel.

The fleet card, if accepted by the Highway Committee and subsequently the County Board, would be implemented initially with three transport vans and one backup car, reported the Register-News.