CHICAGO - Mid-Town Petroleum announced an exclusive relationship with a leading diesel exhaust fluid solution - Air1 - thanks to its role as a member of Mansfield Oil's Delivery1, a nationwide network of top suppliers for the commercial trucking and transportation industry.

Mid-Town is now the Air1 distributor for Chicago, northern Illinois, northwest Indiana, and southern Wisconsin. Air1 is a total diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) solution that spans product, service and equipment. Air1 is the preferred solution in Europe, with the largest single global market share in DEF sales. "This is a lot more than providing diesel exhaust fluid to fleets in accordance with 2010 Clean Air Act mandates. It's about educating our fleet customers, providing scalable equipment solutions, and industry leading support and service. The legacy of how to make this work right comes from Yara, the world's largest diesel exhaust fluid producer and our Air1 supplier," says Jeff Hart, president, Mid-Town Petroleum.

Yara pioneered diesel exhaust fluid a decade ago and is the current world market leader. Air1 solutions ensure safe handling and integration into existing fleet fuel systems. Chad Dombroski, Director of North American Operations for Yara, says, "Mid-Town Petroleum is the perfect partner to bring diesel exhaust fluid to the Chicago area. Their understanding of DEF, a 56 year history of client service, the strength of their team, and the depth of their commitment to educating customers about the new 2010 Clean Air Act parameters make them the go-to distributor in the region for DEF." In the last month alone, Mid-Town Petroleum committed 12 specialists to be trained and certified in Air1.

"There's been a lot of hype in the trucking and heavy duty industry communities about diesel exhaust fluid," says Randy Weiss, VP of Sales for Mid-Town. "My goal in the next year is to take the time to educate our customers about how to safely integrate DEF into their operations." Potential customers can call Mid-Town at (708) 599-8700 to learn more about local DEF supply options.