CHARLESTON, WV - Effective immediately, all state vehicle users must keep a logbook that clearly documents personal use of the vehicles versus business use of the vehicles, according to a supplemental report recently released by state administration, reported MetroNews Talkline.

Governor Manchin's Administration put out a supplemental report after a state audit earlier this month revealed a number of issues with how the 4,083 passenger vehicles the state owns are used and tracked.

State Auditor Glen Gainer told MetroNews the supplemental report is meant to "delve deep[er]" into all aspects of the vehicle fleet and how the cars are all being used.

The supplemental report shows more than 70-percent of the state vehicles used for commuting are used by agencies with workers who are on call much of the time including State Police, the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, and the Division of Forestry.

All employees who use state vehicles for commuting are also being reminded to follow tax reporting requirements for those cars, trucks, and vans, according to MetroNews.

The Governor has also set up a fleet management task force to look at control measures for the use of those vehicles. That task force has until December 15 to make recommendations so the Legislature can consider legislation addressing those recommendations during next year's regular legislative session.

Gainer said the administration is working on making changes to management of the state fleet, which does not have one central fleet management unit within state government. Management of the state fleet has been handled by many different agencies over the years, reported MetroNews.