DALLAS --- Evolution Fuels said it is actively pursuing the acquisition of existing truck stop operations in Texas and Oklahoma in hopes of establishing five Legends Travel Center-branded facilities to sell a B20 biodiesel fuel blend. 

Evolution Fuels specializes in producing a variety of ethanol blends (E10 to E85) and biodiesel blends (B5 to B20). The company intends to produce enough biodiesel to supply the five truck stops with the biodiesel portion of the B20 (20 percent biodiesel/80 percent petroleum diesel) fuel. 

The company said its ownership in the Willie's Place at Carl's Corner Truck Stop, located near Hillsboro, Texas, has provided valuable insight into truck stop operations. In May, the company formed its subsidiary, Legends Travel Centers LLC, to hold ownership in truck stop projects.

Evolution Fuels has also developed a plan to allow its facility located in Durant, Okla., to process animal fats into biodiesel. The company is in the process of negotiating a contract for the supply of these fats, which are available near Durant. 

Eventually, Evolution Fuels hopes to develop a chain of renewable fuel stations that extends from Texas to Mississippi, combining Evolution Fuels-branded fuel stations/convenience stores and western-motif truck stops modeled after the Willie's Place Truck Stop in Carl's Corner, Texas.