WICHITA, KS - After nearly 17 years, the Sedgwick County Sheriff's office is changing the paint scheme of its fleet of patrol vehicles.

The award-winning design, dubbed "Shamu" by the deputies, will be replaced through attrition with the new design beginning in November.

The Shamu design has been in place since the early 1990s, after then-Sheriff Michael Hill set out to change the way the sheriff's office appeared to the public. It received a national award for best patrol vehicle design in 1994, according to the Sheriff's office.

Each vehicle is expected to save an estimated $3,500 through the transition to the new paint scheme.

On average, the sheriff's office replaces 20 patrol vehicles per year, equating to a savings of $70,000 annually. The entire fleet will be transitioned by 2012, for a total savings of $262,500, according to the Sheriff's office.