VALHALLA, NY - Since launching its "Fleet Adoption Program" in April, SOMS Technologies, LLC, developer and manufacturer of the microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter, has announced that over 100 fleets have joined the program. The innovative program allows fleet managers to assess the microGreen Oil Filter and validate the cost savings and environmental benefits. As part of the program, SOMS offers a complimentary oil analysis to eligible companies that is conducted through an independent laboratory to monitor the performance of the filter and the quality of the oil.

"We have found that our 'Fleet Adoption Program' supports the goals of fleet managers who want to reduce oil maintenance costs and improve environmental efficiency," said Steve Kirchner, COO, SOMS Technologies. "Once they've had the opportunity to test our product and objectively quantify the savings and environmental benefits, a majority of the fleets have become quick adopters of our product."

The microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter is a spin-on filter that fits most light vehicles, as well as fleet classes 1-6. It has been proven through extensive laboratory and on-road testing to reduce oil maintenance costs by 65 percent, decrease the use of motor oil by 70 percent, and reduce the number of filter changes by 50 percent.

Designed as two-filters-in-one, the microGreen filter looks and operates like a traditional spin-on oil filter; however, its unique internal components include a patented microfilter that captures particles down to 2 microns in size. Traditional oil filters using paper filtration typically filter down to 25 - 40 microns. The double filtration of the microGreen filter keeps the oil cleaner and maintains the additive package, allowing vehicles to extend the use of motor oil up to 30,000 miles.

About SOMS Technologies, LLC

SOMS (Spin-On Microfilter System) Technologies has pioneered the most significant breakthrough in engine oil filtration technology since the early 1970s.The microGreenTM Extended Performance Oil Filter significantly reduces maintenance costs for both individual vehicles and fleets, and protects our environment by eliminating hazardous waste and decreasing dependence on natural resources. The microGreen oil filter combines two-filters-in-one to provide clean technology that dramatically improves filtration efficiency by allowing vehicles to operate up to eight times the standard change interval without a change of engine oil. The microGreen oil filter has been on the market for over a year and has been overwhelmingly accepted by leading national and local fleets as a way to reduce costs associated with oil changes and protect the environment. The microGreen filter is protected by two U.S. patents and has additional U.S. and international patents pending. The company is headquartered in Valhalla, N.Y. For more information, please visit