CUMMING, GA - Forsyth County fleet has been downsized as a result of recent cost-cutting measures, confirmed county officials. Two out of 30 government employees recently laid off were fleet staff, reducing the department to 15 fleet employees.

Eliminated fleet positions were inventory control technician and preventive maintenance technician. In addition, a previously vacant fleet position will not be filled.

With about 700 on-road vehicles, Forsyth County fleet is comprised of:

  • Automobiles: 289.
  • Trucks: 332.
  • Buses: 9.
  • SUVs: 32.
  • Vans: 33.

Fleet Services Director Avery Gravitt estimated approximately 11 vehicles may also be cut from the active fleet as a result of the recent layoffs.

With a 2009 budget deficit of $6.2 million and aid projected 2010 figures, 24 unfilled, vacant positions were also eliminated, for a total of 54 county employee layoffs.

Other departments that dismissed employees included planning and development, parks and recreation, the tax commissioner's office, commercial services, solid waste, water, and GIS.

Forsyth County is just one of a number of fleets impacted by the down economy. Public sector fleets across the country have also been forced to eliminate or minimize use of take-home vehicles, participate in furloughs, and consider consolidating services with other city or county departments.


Originally posted on Government Fleet