SANTA MONICA, CA - The 2009 ALT Car Show, an informative alternative fuel and vehicle event, has offset the events carbon footprint compliments of Balanced Footprint. This year's exposition will take place Friday and Saturday, Oct. 2-3 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Balanced Footprint is a Green-e certified provider of carbon offsets for homes, autos, businesses, and events. 

According to Balanced Footprint CEO Peter Weigand, "sponsoring the ALT Car Show is our privilege, because events like this go a long way to educating consumers about what they can personally do about climate change."  Balanced Footprint has simplified the purchasing process for consumers and businesses to offset their carbon footprint.  The company has chosen to support U.S. renewable energy and carbon reduction projects both to support U.S. jobs and to help reduce our dependence on foreign energy. 

About Balanced Footprint

Balanced Footprint is a carbon marketing company with offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, Boston and Houston. The Company's primary focus is financing clean energy projects through selling voluntary Carbon Offsets to businesses and consumers.  It is their goal to offset the climate impact and return the investment to domestic projects that create jobs and reduce dependence on expensive foreign energy sources.  All purchases, sales and business practices are independently verified and monitored by Green-e Climate.  All Carbon Offsets are sourced from certified, verified U.S. based projects.  Learn more at

About ALT Car Expo

The Alternative Car Expo is known for its uncommon mix of vehicles by major auto manufacturers and smaller companies.  Attendees will learn when they can expect to purchase the hottest eco-friendly vehicles in development. The ALT Car Expo will have more than 150 exhibits that offer extensive information on alternative vehicle and transportation technologies including electric, natural gas, biodiesel, hydrogen, ethanol, propane and hybrid and alternative technologies.  For more information visit: