PASADENA, CA - CALSTART's Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF - - a partnership with the U.S. Army, industry and fleets to speed hybrid and efficient truck production - is bringing its 2009 HTUF National Conference and Ride and Drive to Atlanta October 27-29, 2009.

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has declared the conference week "Hybrid Truck Week" to recognize its importance, and IBM will unveil a major global study at the conference on the rapid changes coming to big trucks over the next ten years.

HTUF is the nation's leading program driving production and use of medium and heavy-duty hybrid and high-efficiency trucks and buses.  This year's national conference will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center October 27-28, followed by a ride and drive of the world's cleanest trucks and buses on October 29 across from Turner Field - home of the Atlanta Braves.

Governor Perdue's "Hybrid Truck Week" proclamation highlighted the benefits from HTUF's work, saying "...the development of new, efficient and clean technologies for transportation, particularly hybrids in medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses, will help to reduce harmful emissions, create new jobs and make the United States a leader in sustainable transportation and improve national security."

The HTUF conference brings together leading truck manufacturers, suppliers and fleets focused on producing medium- and heavy-duty hybrid-electric, hybrid-hydraulic, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles for commercial and military use.   Sessions and exhibits during the three day event will:

  • Provide details on the range of fuel-saving hybrid and advanced trucks now in production and coming to market;
  • Outline funding and incentive opportunities to assist truck purchases;
  • Detail military advances and needs in hybrid and advanced vehicles;
  • Showcase new technology to reduce truck fuel use and emissions; and
  • Provide hands-on knowledge for fleets on how best to use and afford these new vehicles, and direct experience driving them.

Southern Company, a leading user of clean, efficient vehicles, serves as the primary host for the 2009 HTUF Conference, together with local co-hosts Altec Industries and UPS.  Southern Company Chief Operating Officer Tom Fanning and other executives will provide insights on large fleet implementation of clean technologies, and a perspective from utilities.

IBM will unveil a major global study at the HTUF National Conference on the future of the truck market by 2020, highlighting the critical demand for efficiency and rapidly changing technology and user needs.  Sanjay Rishi, IBM's vice president and global automotive industry leader, will provide the study's key findings and lessons.

Paul Skalny, the director of the U.S. Army's National Automotive Center (NAC), will also lead a session of experts on the need for dual-use hybrid and advanced technology for military vehicles, and what is required to speed its introduction.

Two supporting side-bar workshops will take place on October 27, providing deeper detail for attendees on two topics: the emerging technologies for high-efficiency construction equipment; and the challenges and market solutions for energy storage in medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses. 

The final conference day features the world's largest medium and heavy-duty hybrid and high-efficiency vehicle ride-and-drive for attendees and the media.  Leading-edge hybrid-electric, hybrid-hydraulic, plug-in hybrid and electric trucks will be available, including some brand new to the market. Fleets receive preference on driving the vehicles.

Together with the U.S. Army partnership, the HTUF 2009 national conference brings strong industry and user support. Besides local host Southern Company, and co-hosts Altec Industries and UPS, other supporters include national sponsor IBM, HTUF Leader Eaton Corporation, corporate sponsors Coca-Cola Enterprises, Compact Power, Bosch Rexroth and Siemens, and session sponsor BAE Systems.

More information on the agenda, registration and logistics can be found on-line at:  "Early-bird" discounts are still available, but discount registration runs out September 30, so don't delay.