CAPE CORAL, FL - In efforts to cut spending, Cape Coral City Council members may eliminate the city's take-home car program for non-sworn employees, according to The News-Press.

The Press reported a total of 24 non-sworn employees, mostly in the police and public works departments, drive city vehicles home from work. An audit of the city's 845 vehicles earlier this year found vehicle usage to be "inadequate" and "in need of revision," with personal usage of vehicles not well-documented.

Instead of driving the cars home, Councilman Bill Deile suggested most non-sworn personnel check them out from the city's main fleet or receive reimbursement if they drive personal cars to work.

However, city officials maintain there will be minimal - if any - cost savings since employees would still receive mileage reimbursement for driving their own personal cars to pick up city vehicles. In addition, the City would still spend on fuel for those vehicles.