SAN DIEGO - The County of Sonoma, Calif., has completed its pilot phase of Networkfleet's diagnostic and GPS tracking system to reduce fuel costs and lower greenhouse emissions for the county's fleet of 1,000 vehicles. During the pilot phase of the system implementation, Sonoma County achieved a 15-30 percent mpg increase, according to Networkfleet.  

With a 22-year history of environmentally friendly practices, including the use of hybrid and compressed natural gas vehicles, the Fleet Operations Division in Sonoma County will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by wirelessly monitoring mpg, idle time, engine diagnostics, and emissions, and to provide customer departments with the ability to better plan and dispatch field employees.

"After our initial pilot evaluation of Networkfleet, we determined that the savings in fuel costs alone would pay for the system," said Dave Head, fleet manager for the County of Sonoma. "With the Networkfleet system, we can also use our vehicles more efficiently, perform preventative maintenance, and repair engine problems early. In addition, being able to monitor and reduce idle time contributes to our efforts in reducing greenhouse gases."

"The County of Sonoma is very progressive in terms of its approach to reducing operating costs and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Networkfleet is pleased to be able to provide a system that meets all of their needs," said Keith Schneider, president of Networkfleet.