NEW ORLEANS - New Orleans Aviation Board's (NOAB) lack of proper fleet oversight could lead to vehicle misuse and abuse, according to a recent audit report by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) examining the fleet's use of take-home cars, reported.

Several issues were examined by the inspector general, including the gassing of vehicles, reporting of take-home car for income tax purposes, lack of documentation for personal use, take-home criteria, cost of vehicle maintenance, driver's license checks, abuse or misuse of vehicles, vehicles no longer in service, non-employee drivers, and storage of vehicles. (View the full report.)

The report found a lack of documentation to support the assignment of take-home vehicles. Vehicles no longer in service and ready for disposal were also not properly documented, reported WWLTV.

But the report also noted the flaws and the absence of effective monitoring of the fueling of vehicles, saying, "The OIG found a lack of internal controls over the fuel dispensing and fuel record keeping system.  The fuel system is completed on the honor system and is not being followed by employees and being reviewed by management."

The report also examined the documentation of take-home vehicles for taxes purposes and found the New Orleans Aviation Board was not properly documenting the fringe benefits of using take-home vehicles and not reporting it properly on employees' W-2 forms, according to WWLTV.