PERTH, AUSTRALIA --- Eden Energy, in conjunction with BAF Technologies, has developed a Hythane calibration for Ford 6.8L V10 engines used in E-450 vehicles. 

This calibration was granted certification by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB certification allows commercial sale and use of this engine, no longer limiting it to use in demonstration projects, Eden Energy said. 

The Hythane calibration provides dramatic emissions reductions over the natural gas version of the engine, which already provides substantial emissions benefits as compared to the gasoline version of the engine, Eden Energy said. Specifically, the Hythane calibration achieves a 10.5-percent reduction in CO2, a 40-percent reduction in non-methane hydrocarbons, a 49-percent reduction in CH4 emissions, and a 70-percent reduction in particulate matter over the natural gas version of this engine. 

"The reduction in non-methane hydrocarbons is critical, as these emissions contribute to the formation of photochemical smog, a significant problem in many urban areas," said Roger Marmaro, president and CEO of Hythane. In addition to emissions reductions, the use of Hythane fuel provides a 3.9-percent efficiency gain over the natural gas version of the engine. When spread over a large fleet, efficiency gains provide considerable economic benefit, Eden Energy said. 

The Hythane engine calibration was designed for the Hythane project in progress at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). For this project, Hythane Company has received funding for station infrastructure as well as the conversion of 27 Ford E-450 airport shuttles to run on Hythane. A project using this significant number of vehicles will demonstrate the practicality of Hythane vehicles for large-scale projects across the U.S., Eden Energy said. The SFO Hythane project is currently in the design and permitting stage, with construction planned for later this year. 

Eden Energy Ltd. is a diversified clean energy company that listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in June 2006. Eden has interests in hydrogen production, storage and transportation fuel systems.